The Couple

As you will be spending a significant amount of time with us, we thought it would be a good idea for you to know who we are.

We met on a commuter train traveling from Indiana (where we both lived) to Chicago in 1987. Each and every day we would ride this train to and from our jobs and it wasn’t long before I noticed Connie. Once Connie approached me(Yes, I was kinda bashful), a new friendship was born. It truly started as friends and for at least a few months, nothing more was a consideration.

To say we are a loving, romantic couple would be an understatement. Stephen proposed to Connie at the filming location of their favorite movie, “Somewhere in Time” which was The Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island Michigan. We were married in August of 1989 and every day since, we have proclaimed our “newlywed” status to the world. We believe in love and communication and relationships are stronger with both of them being our priority. We hold hands, we still slow dance and once a year, EVERY YEAR, we take a vacation with just the two of us. Every single day, we wake up and have coffee together with no disruptions (usually) other than our two dogs, Lola and Levi.

We are the proud parents of 3 daughters and our newest addition is our grand-daughter Harper. We attend Creekwood United Methodist Church every Sunday as our faith is very important to making us who we are and want to be.  We are not old but we consider ourselves “wise”.

During the summer months, you might find us on our boat at Lake Texoma usually during the week (Tuesday’s are great for boating). Everyone is identified with one major trait and we are lucky to have found a friend and mate that shares in that same trait, which is love. Love is what we are about, Love is what brought us to become something special as a couple (far more than we could have ever become individually) and Love is what allows us to wake up every day and smile at each other.

We believe in creating memories and we believe that EVERY couple (young or old) has a story. We would feel honored to hear about your story, how you met, what you thought and how your relationship is based.