The Photogs

Photographic Style –

We could spend hours talking and writing about F-stops, depth of field, lenses and camera bodies, but the truth is our style cannot be duplicated. It is something that is created from both of us and you, our willing models. We don’t approach every event (whether it be a wedding, portrait session or Senior session) the same way. People are different, the surroundings are different and what we see is different each and every time we pick up a camera. We grow as artists as well as grow as photographers and should the day come when we no longer grow, we will stop doing this. For us it is a journey, we don’t really know where our imagery will take us, but we are having a great time getting there.

We are Canon shooters using primarily prime lenses, shot at narrow depth of field and utilizing available light whenever available. Our clients are Romantic, fun and willing to wear their emotions on their sleeves. Good photography is a combination of high quality imagery capturing real emotions, real relationships and people acting naturally. Our photos reflect natural skin and normal eyes as god created. You will not get over processed eyes and plastic skin tones derived from Photoshop plugins.

What you really get with our photography –

We provide an exceptional experience from the beginning and lifelong friends at the end. We are fully invested in making you look your absolute BEST. Our customers become our friends and we enjoy the time we spend together because you will always be more natural when you are amongst your friends. The real memories are what we capture, not something we think up in our minds. Our photography speaks for itself, our clients speak for us.